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In recent years I have become interested in street photography – both taking my own photos and in the work of others. There is something of the ‘thrill of the chase’ in hunting down these serendipitous moments when the right person walks into the right place to create a striking image for your lens.

Wikipedia defines street photography as featuring ‘unmediated chance encounters and random incidents within public places.’ While not necessarily urban, or even on a street, these chance encounters are of course more likely to happen where people gather in numbers.

Here is a selection of what I consider to be my more successful images to date, starting close to home:


Portobello Road Market

Camden Market

On Regent Street

A zoom lens lets you get in close while remaining unobserved:

At a festival on Regent Street

The Tube is a fruitful place to spot interesting characters:

London_Tube_IMG_3110.jpg London_Tube_IMG_2274.jpg
On the Tube

And art exhibitions create opportunities too, as visitors interact with the displays:

Photography exhibition at the Royal Geographic Society

Visitors to the Serpentine Pavilion, Kensington Gardens

Elsewhere in Europe opportunities abound too ...


7492249-Child_and_siren_Bologna.jpg 7492350-Wedding_day_Bologna.jpg

7492348-Guinness_Bologna.jpg 7492347-On_the_phone_Bologna.jpg


Black and white seems to lend itself especially to this kind of photography, even on a sunny day


7095063-A_moment_before_the_kiss_Tallinn.jpg 7708640.jpg
On the streets of Tallinn

Artist at work, Pikk Jalg

Human statues

These will expect a tip if you take their photo as they pose, but they often look more interesting when on a break:

In Bologna

In Lindau

In Riga

New York City

Is there a better place in the world than NYC for photographing life on the street? I don’t think so:

Policeman on Broadway

SoHo street scene

Near Broadway

In Empire-Fulton Street State Park, Brooklyn

On the subway

Top of the Rock


In India much of daily life is played out on the streets, so it seems almost superfluous to describe these photos as street photography! But they make an interesting contrast to those taken in the western world (with apologies to those who have already seen these in my travel blogs):

Jodhpur_53_old_town.jpg 7516437-Life_on_the_streets_cooking_Delhi.jpg
In Jodhpur, and in Old Delhi

In Old Delhi

In Agra

61_Kovalam..7__23_33_38.jpg 77_Kovalam..7__23_55_00.jpg
In Chowara village

And to finish, a selection from a few other parts of the world:


Shoppers on Takeshita Street, Tokyo

7736131-Mime_outside_cathedral_Santiago.jpg 1_6_Santia..za_de_Armas.jpg
In the Plaza de Armas, Santiago

5043065-In_Havanas_old_town_Cuba.jpg 5043287-Havana_street_scene_Cuba.jpg
In Havana, Cuba

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Great fun!


Thank you Adam :)

by ToonSarah

Love it. I love pictures of people but am too shy to attempt many. People end up in my photos mostly by accident. Yours are thoughtful and lovely.

by Beausoleil

Thank you for your equally 'thoughtful and lovely' comment Sally :)

by ToonSarah

A fantastic collection of photos, Sarah. I tend to concentrate on taking photos of people on bicycles, but perhaps this will encourage me to widen my scope a bit.

by Nemorino

Love it mate :) Yes street photography is certainly an art and not easy to do. I admire a good street shot and you have a good eye for it. Love the top of the Rock pic. Looking forward to visiting NY on my photography trip September 2018... if it happens. Nice blog :)

by aussirose

Thank you Don and Ann :)

Don, do have a go and share the results! And Ann, NYC is amazing - you will love it!!

by ToonSarah

Beautiful work.

by Wabat

Again, thank you Albert ?

by ToonSarah

beautiful pictures Sarah!

by Ils1976

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